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August 13, 2012
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South Italy X Reader


*…I've got to turn this car around, I never should have left you there…* - Alexis Jordan


It was your third week in Italy, those three weeks you would remember for the rest of your life. You had been sent from (insert your country) to do an Art project with your friend, Feliciano. You were really excited about this whole art project as you had been planning it for months and you loved and shared every piece of art you did with Feliciano. And after meeting his grumpy big brother Lovino, you had grown such a liking to him. Even though other girls just like you would fancy a guy like Britain, Russia or America. But no, you had fallen for the 'tomato loving bastard' from what Germany called him. Those three weeks passed you by in seconds as your three weeks were almost up, you had the greatest times with Romano and Italy, eating pasta, watching scary movies (which freaked poor Feliciano out of his pants…) and taking long strolls with the two twins and look at the scenery. You really didn't want to go, and you had to leave in 5 hours for this was your last day and you were killing yourself inside and out.

You began packing up everything you had brought on your small trip, your clothes, your (plushy if wanted), your books and your phone.

You continued tidying up your small untidy room, when your phone rang. You had chosen 'The Tomato Song' as your ringtone, only because you loved tomatoes and this pleased Lovino more. You tapped your phone twice before it was unlocked, your parents were ringing you. They probably needed to know what time you needed to be at the airport for, or if you had any problems or mishaps. You pressed the green phone button and listened at the other end of the line.

"Hi mom, Hi dad."

"Awww, how's my little sweetie pie? Hmmm? Did you have a nice time?"

"Umm…yes, yes I did. I'm just packing my things now and-"

"Good! Splendid! We'll see you at the airport in an hour!"

"Oka-What? Wait a second! I thought you said I was meeting you at 6?!"

This was just the worst thing that happened to you, since today. You only had an hour!? Why?! You didn't want to say goodbye in a hour! You wanted to just spend one last time with your friends before leaving, but your impatient parents cared a lot about you so you were always very early to any occasion.

"Well sweet heart, it is your baby cousins christening in an 4½ hours so we can't be late."

"Okay, mom. Thanks for telling me."

You almost on the brim of tears as you hung up, you never wanted to say goodbye to Italy. With beautiful weather and friendly people, it gave you more than a reason not to stay.

But what were you friends going to think? They probably had this whole day planned especially for you. You just couldn't do it, you couldn't face them and say you were leaving. You just had to leave without a goodbye.

As you finished tidying your messy room, you grabbed your heavy suitcase and chugged down the stairs. After breathing heavily after carry two or three of your bags (filled with the greatest amounts of pasta.) You looked around to see if anyone was home. Thankfully, no one. But just as you were going to head out the door, something caught your eye. On the island in the Italian brother's kitchen, there was a letter. A letter addressed to you.

You rushed over to the island and grabbed the letter in an instant. Your hand felt two pieces of paper in the envelope, as the first one you could get your hands on you read. It was from Feliciano.

Dear _____.

We are just-a going shopping-a we won't-a be long-a!

PS: Apparently, there are-a two letters in here-a! Who's the other-a one from-a!?
Ci vediamo più tardi! Feliciano. xxxxx ;)

You giggled lightly as tiny tears streamed down from your face, how you was going to miss your jolly, pasta loving friend. You then started to look again in the envelope, but your eyes went wide as you felt something soft. So soft it could have been similar to a butterflies wing. You pulled the object out as gasped in beauty and surprise. It was your favourite flower (insert flower), then there was another letter. You began to read again.

Dear _____.

I'm sorry-a I have not-a been so-a nice to you-a these past-a few days. I feel-a really awful-a and I-a have no idea-a how to forgive-a you. But, since today-a is your last-a day and I don't want-a you to be a worrying about-a me, I would-a just like to-a say.
Ti amo, bella. xxx <3

PS: This flower shows-a how much I-a love and care for you-a. If you didn't-a get this-a message, by-a the time-a we come back-a. I'm sorry, It was-a a silly mistake-a. But-a I love-a you, Ti amo così tanto. Ogni volta che ti vedo, il mio cuore batte in modo veloce e non riesco a fare nulla. Non vorrei che a, perché... I-I, amore mio splendido fiore. TI amo più di qualsiasi altra cosa vivente in questo mondo. Mi hai fatto sentire vivo per una volta nella mia vita. Avete portato la felicità nel mio cuore. E per questo motivo. Vi ringrazio.

You understood every single detail he wrote in Italian. His words almost made you flood into a fountain of tears. His words didn't make you want to go. His words had touched your heart so deeply, it had made your heart skip a beat. But, you had to go. Even if you loved him, and now him writing to you saying that he loved you back, you had too. Otherwise you parent would be cross, and they'd have to wait for months to try and get the money they needed to go to Italy and pick you up. With your tears drowning Lovino's love letter to you, you placed it back in the envelope and got ready to go. You still held your (insert flower) as you stuck it in your pocket.

You waved and called for a taxi as you were ready to go. The taxi man go out of the car to help you.

"Well, dude. Where are you off to?"

You recognised that voice, that voice that was almost similar to all the superhero movie voices you heard…it couldn't be? You lifted up his hat, slowly. You sad expression soon turned into a cheesy grin.


"_____? Hey, dude!"

He lifted you up into a giant bear hug.

"I missed you, dude! Where have you been these last couple of weeks?"

You only wished you could reply but with Alfred squeezing you like it was the end of the world, you had no chance of getting any words through your mouth. He then notice you breathing for air. He chuckled innocently before gently placing you down back on earth.

"Well, dude? Tell me!"

"Oh, it was nothing. Just a project I had to do with Feliciano."

"Oh...where is he now, dude?"

"He's out shopping with his brother."

"I see, well…wait? Have you said goodbye to them?"

You hated to lie, you hated it. Your parents and friends would lie to you some of the time to get attention, but you always kept an angels promise and told the truth. But at now, this stage of your life you just had to lie once this time.

"Oh…don't worry I left a note."

"Well done, dude! Okay!"

He quickly rushed into the car before jamming in his car keys to start the engine. You hopped in the back seat, just dying to get home.

"Okay, dude! Your destination, please?"

"Aeroporti di Roma, please."

"Okay, dude! Let's rock and roll!"

He stepped his foot on the gas as you set of to the airport. You were just a few seconds going before Alfred shouted.

"Hey dude! Aren't they your buds?"

You quickly swivelled around in your back seat to see a scene which you desperately didn't want to be shown.

Little Italy had ran out of the house and had fallen on his hand and knees sobbing his heart out. As for Romano, he was just as shocked. He had dropped all his shopping and was standing looking at you with tears in his eyes, he looked hurt. As you swivelled back round regretting what you just saw, you began to sob to yourself quietly into your hands.

You heard Lovino shout.

"TI AMO, _______!"

You jumped back up and stuck you head out of the window screaming.


You didn't care if you hair was blowing everywhere behind you face, you just had to look at him one last time.

♫♫ I gotta turn this car around
I never should have left you there
Boy this traffic is making me sick
Boy I can't wait to have you near ♫

You thought of all the beautiful times you had with Romano before a yelling Alfred tugged you back inside the car.

"______ dude, what the hell were you thinking?!"

You had gone into such a daydream you could hardly hear Alfred yelling in the front seat, you closed your eyes and thought about Romano.

♫ I gotta hurry, hurry, hurry
Now quick, quick, quick
Just step on the gas 'cause I don't wanna miss this
This opportunity will only come once in my life, my life ♫


How did you two meet?

Surprisingly, you weren't forced into one of those introduction matters. Those things were just too uncomfortable and embarrassing for you. You were in the shops, yes you were shopping for you groceries. Of course, you were in the vegetable aisle searching for ingredients to make your own pasta. You had the pasta, you had the equipment but you were just missing one thing, the tomatoes. You saw probably hundreds of tomatoes on one stack in the aisle as you went out to reach for one. At the same time, another hand touched yours as he grabbed it first.

Waiting for him to steal it and walk away, he did. Before throwing it back to you.

"Here ragazza, you keep it."

You looked at the man now, as your eyes widen in shock in thought of who is was.

♫ I gotta hurry, hurry, hurry
Now quick, quick, quick
Just step on the gas 'cause I don't wanna miss this
See what you're bringin' me boy is priceless
I gotta be out of my mind not to try this ♫

He looked somehow familiar, but somehow different. This had ought to be the brother Feliciano, Lovino. With his dark chestnut hair, olive skin and gorgeous golden eyes staring straight into your (colour) ones.

"You are Feliciano's big brother, right?"

"Strana ragazza! Sono di stalking me?"

Some people offered to swap strange looks with your sad and angry ones. They walked passed quickly, scared that a fight was going to occur.  You had been researching and learning the Italian language and now you were able to understand what they said with their native tongues.

♫ Through strength I found love
In time I found myself in happiness with you
Through strength I found love
In time I found myself in happiness with you ♫

"Ha-Ha-Ha! You bet!"

You giggly slightly as he blushed a tint of pink before walking away to continue his shopping, and to get away from you. You looked down at your tomato and realised that there was a smiley face drawn in pen, along with a number with the contact name 'The Vargas Brothers'. Your tummy flopped up and down as you happily continued with your shopping.


How did things get serious?

It was another day at the at the Vargas's house. Romano had just woken up letting his amber eyes sparkle, as the sunlight blinded his eyes. It was half-day and Romano would always sleep heavily, due that he was up late almost every night. He breathed in a breath of fresh air, after opening his balcony window. He closed his eyes and felt the sun warm up is tanned olive skin.

He then heard a shrilled scream. He knew that scream all too well. He raced down the stairs to see you, on the floor holding your arm which a had knife cut through, it was spilling with blood. From the looks of what you were doing, you were trying to prepare a meal for the Italian twins. That was until your hand slipped and the knife cut through your arm.    

"Stupida ragazza! What-a did you-a do?"

♫ Boy, I need to say what's in my heart
I was scared but I'll do my part
I came back to tell you face to face
So what we have won't go to waste ♫

He ran straight to your side in an instant as he saw your beautiful (colour) eyes all red and sore from your painful accident. You still sobbed away like he had said not a word to you. He ran to turn the tap on, but there was no water.

"Damn bastards! Checking-a their stupid water again-a!"

♫ I gotta hurry, hurry, hurry
Now quick, quick, quick
Just step on the gas 'cause I don't wanna miss this
This opportunity will only come once in my life, my life yeah ♫

He rushed to try and find a wet cloth, but everything was stone dry. And because the Italian boys were such professionals at cooking they foolishly decided they didn't need to buy a first aid kit.

But to Lovino there was only one option to use.

♫ Sorry, sorry, sorry, I'm coming down to fix this
You should know how I feel, I know I got you twisted
See what you're bringin' me boy is priceless
I gotta be out of my mind not to try this ♫

You were still crying your eyes out when you felt something warm and slithery glide up and down your arm. It was…Lovino's tongue. He was licking your arm back and forth, not stopping even for a second to gain breath. You were just amazed. No one would ever do this to you, not even Feliciano. But Romano, he was Romano. Your belly flopped up and down like waves in a rough ocean as the touch of his tongue on your skin was just unbearable. You couldn't hold it in. You let out a tiny moan, when you felt the slimy tongue disappear from your arms touch.   

He used his gleaming pearl teeth to rip of an arm of his pink shirt before wrapping it around your arm. He then cradled you gently and lifted you to your feet at the same time.

♫ Through strength I found love
In time I found myself in happiness with you
Through strength I found love
In time I found myself in happiness with you ♫

Lovino whispered gently into your ear.

"You-a tried, ragazza. I want-a you to-a be careful next-a time…but-a for now-a, leave the cooking-a to us professionals-a."


You thought about it a lot before you made up your mind. You loved Romano, more than anything in the world and you hated seeing that face on him. This wasn't going to end in sad sob story. This was going to be your ending the way you planned it. You opened your eyes to see Alfred still driving and almost on the motorway. You got up out of your seat.

♫ The things that you can give to me
I can feel it when you're holding me close
You're like one of the world wonders
I know I'm going under ♫

"Alfred, turn around."

"But wait, ____ wha-"

"Do as I say!"

"Bu-But?! Wh-Wha-"

"If you turn around now and let me drive I will give you $10 to go to McDonalds with."

"Ha! Yes! It's a deal!"

♫ Come see that I'm ready for this
And you're so good for me
You're my true joy
You make me wanna say♫

You had swapped seats with Alfred so he was in the back seat, he munched on his McDonald double cheese burger as if there was no tomorrow. The taxi car tires screeched as you spun the car the opposite way round and push your foot down hard on the pedal. You were just hoping that Lovino and Feliciano were still there. You glided in different directions, past different style and colour cars as you went full speed ahead to Lovino's house.


Lovino was devastated, and so was Feliciano. Lovino still stood there as his heart had hope that you'd return. But his mind was telling him to give up now. He still stood in the exact same spot he had watched _____ leave from for over 20 minutes. His little brother, Feliciano was sobbing quietly on the steps. Finally Romano broke the silence.

"We are-a too late-a, she's-a gone."

New tears streaked down from his honey combed eyes. He turned away, but when he was just about to usher is little brother inside he heard a shout not far in the distance.


Lovino looked up and saw no one. It was must have been his mind playing tricks on him, but it wasn't as he heard the voice again.


♫ Through strength I found love
In time I found myself in happiness with you
Through strength I found love
In time I found myself in happiness with you ♫

He then saw you, on you panting for breath and holding onto your knees and your silhouette was stuck behind the setting sun. He ran, so fast he could not breath himself as he was choking himself up from his tears. He finally saw your (colour) eyes and he defiantly knew it was you. He scooped you up into his arms as he gave you a warm, tight embrace.

"Non mi lasciare, _____! Don't ever leave me again!"

You looked up into his shiny gold eyes as he kissed your smile off of your face. The kiss was so passionate and hungry it made you want more and more of Romano's endless love. He kissed you're the whole of you face, lips and body endlessly, over and over again until both of your mouths were sore.

"I'm s-so sorry! I was scared! I h-had no idea what to do I-"

"Don't-a worry, bella. You had-a to do it-a. But you'll-a never leave-a me, right-a?"


"Then marry me-a, bella. I don't-a want to-a lose you again-a."

He was proposing to you, out of all the girls in the world…he had chosen you. More tears had started to form in your eyes once again as you grabbed Romano in for a light hug.

"I do, yes. I will marry you."

And quickly reached his hands into your pocket and held your (flower) and swiftly placed it behind your ear and with that, he kissed you again.

It was only then you realised that you had missed your cousin's christening and your trip home, your mother and father were not pleased. Then weeks later you found out that Alfred had lost his licence due to your driving, but he didn't care after all he was doing a good thing for you. And with stacks of pasta you were going to take with you to England were now back in the Vargas house as you lived with the two twins, one of the being you fiancé.

So, are you going to leave when you tell someone you love them? Hmmm…no fat chance.

♫ Through strength I found love
In time I found myself in happiness with you
Through strength I found love In time I found myself in happiness

with you… ♫


Yayy! This took me 3-4 hours to do and now, once again I am tired. I'm not really going to put much for my discription but, oh well.

You (c) ___________ < What you look like.

Lovino Romano Vargas (c) :iconsexyromano2plz:

Feliciano Venziano Vargas (c) :iconsexyitalyplz:

Alfred Foster Jones (c) :iconsexyamerica2plz:

Enjoy! ~


Ci vediamo più tardi! = We'll see you later!

Ti amo, bella. = I love you, beautiful. (Come on! Surley you must know that!)

Ti amo così tanto. Ogni volta che ti vedo, il mio cuore batte in modo veloce e non riesco a fare nulla. Non vorrei che a, perché... I-I, amore mio splendido fiore. TI amo più di qualsiasi altra cosa vivente in questo mondo. Mi hai fatto sentire vivo per una volta nella mia vita. Avete portato la felicità nel mio cuore. E per questo motivo. Vi ringrazio. = I love you so much. Every time I see you, my heart beats so fast and i can't do anything. I do not want to, because ... I-I love my beautiful flower. I love you more than any other living thing in this world. You made me feel alive for once in my life. You have brought the happiness in my heart. And for this reason. I thank you.

Ragazza = Girl.

Strana ragazza! Sono di stalking me? = Strange girl! Are you stalking me?

Non mi lasciare = Don't leave me again.

I blame Google translations for giving me...bad translations.

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