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My Prince
Egypt x Reader Drabble

From just the slight flap of the carpets rims below the man’s feet, Gupta had favourably achieved into getting to settle his large, mild lips onto the petite, tender female ones from the balcony she was leaning up upon.

In that instant, he felt as if he had immersed himself deeper in affection than the quick sand which had withdrawn both of the lovers from each other. Both of them being like the legendary star-crossed lovers, in which their fate was draped and engraved in the small, humble stars which ignited the dimming night sky with miniature flecks of light.  

But it was grimly sly to do this sort of act outside of the parents’ households, even if they loved each other with both their heart’s gratification.

After all, the woman he treasured had to shamefully accept an arranged marriage to a man she had yet to come across, be acquainted with or even love.

And it was a shame that she was overly enamoured with the short-spoken and shadowy Gupta of Egypt.

From his coffee coloured curls to his polished, glossy lime eyes and beige tanned skin, you couldn’t help but plunge head over heels for his charming appearance, amiable manners with his family and relations of his family and his gorgeous language which made your heart fly around like a bird in a cage.

Even with this powerful kiss, this man’s heart rate pumped faster than it ever did before.

And that was only because this was his last kiss he was ever going to have from her.

And even so, he never wanted to part from her. How could he leave his adored female behind in his lifetime and let the memory of her slip from his mind? How could he tolerate to gaze into those eyes again and know that the only thing that was going to junk up his mind was regret; regret and also dishonour on him and his family. But her, that beauty, she was like a friend, a lover, a family and jewel he had sought out to discover and he had finally caught it after all those long years of trekking the scorching, hot deserts. She was his treasure, his only escape to independence, his diamond in the rough. How could he let his most dearest and beloved being fall from his clutches all so effortlessly?

That was right. He couldn’t, he just couldn’t let go.

His big, warm hands held her waist delicately, as if she were a feather in his arms, concerned if she would flee with the roaring breeze which wavered past these two hearts. His eyelids which concealed his glowing orbs to the world were squeezed shut, trying to mask the tears that were threatening to run down his dry cheeks. As lips were pressed incessantly against the others, attempting to try and not forget the touch that lingered there when they both detached from each other’s aromas, forms and warmth, hands drowned each other’s faces with a comforting warm and sense, a sense as if to say that they would not forget their whole belonging towards them.  

As his hands wavered above the female’s red-apple, flushed cheeks, vexing to snip another kiss from her, he unintentionally started to cry.

No cries slithered from up his throat, nor did he start to jolt, as if he was going to erupt and burst like a balloon. He merely stood and stared at her form while silent tears trickled down his cheeks, every single teardrop almost feeling painful.

Noticing that tears had been able to have plummeted atop of his maiden’s cheeks, he quickly wiped his eyes of tears before she had a chance to see, he didn’t want to seem feeble in front of his love, nor did he want her to see his weeping, it would just trigger her cry as well, which was the last thing he needed at all.

But as the female opened her ( E/C ) eyes and detected a small tear disappear from under the males neck, she draped her arms around his neckline and enclosed the gap between the two love-sick sweethearts.

He could instantly feel her delicate heartbeat against his torso, he could feel the heat radiating off of her, and he could sense how his entire figure fitted flawlessly around hers with just this simple embrace, oh, how he wanted it to never end.

“My love, you must go now,” She whispered quietly in his ear, her face curled up in his collar as she inhaled his scent deeply.

“No, I shall not leave you.” He replied back to her as he gently ran his fingertips through her ( H/C ) ( H/L ) hair, trying to protect the appearance of her in his mind.  

“You have to, if my father finds you, you’ll be dead and I shall never be able to live without you.”

“Don’t say things like that.”

“But,” She stammered, her own diminutive tears which seemed to sparkle pouring from the corners of her ( E/C ) eyes as she struggled to get past the sentence that was straining her breath, “you must promise never to come back.”



No, that was a promise he could not aim to keep. Even if it was his sweetheart who was asking of this he just couldn’t have it, he couldn’t admit this as his destiny; it wasn’t intended to be this way!

“No, no! I cannot do that, ( Y/N ), you know I can’t do that,” He muttered, running his hands rapidly through her locks once again, down to the soft flesh of her neckline, where they finally rested on her shoulders.

“You have to try, Egypt.”

“I thought I told you to call me Gupta, remember?”

“I know, it’s just that,” She whimpered, holding in a cry that was gliding up her gullet, “I… I don’t want it to bring back all the painful memories.”

“No,” he embraced her, “no it won’t, I promise. When I shall look upon the name, ( Y/N ) in the far future, I shall remember everything you did to make me the happiest man alive, how to make me the most luckiest, how you made me be that the man that I was today.”

Moved by his words, she happily wept before she cascaded into his arms, caressing her lips with his for a brief moment before giggling to herself out of delight.

“And- And I shall remember the most important things you gave me; companionship and love. I would have been nowhere if I hadn’t met you!”  She giggled, unimportant tears now flooding down her expression as she turned to graze her beloved’s lips for the last final time.

Her heart kissed back with the most extreme passion and love he had sealed for their very last moment. Soon after it had ended, he kissed her flushed, pink knuckles with his wet lips and murmured kindly to her as he pushed his forehead gently against hers. “My ( Y/N ), I will never, ever forget you, for as long as I live, you will still remain in my heart.”

As her eyes, now bloodshot from her gushing tears, gazed into the others, she chuckled to herself quietly before beaming brightly at her other half. “As will you, you will remain in my heart, always.”

As the hot, mild evening grew to a close as the crickets leapt out of the grass and came to play their tune, and the scorching sun hide under the blanket of orange dirt, the two lovers let their hands fall from one another’s.

“Goodbye, my prince.” She murmured softly into the vague wind, the grimy mist now veiling the scene around her as she vanished into thin air.

“Goodbye, my princess.”
Before you do anything, listen to this while reading it-…

I have no idea where this came from, I just started typing and voilà, there you have it~ <33

Please enjoy and things-
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Hetalia owned by :iconhimaruyaplz:
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Stupid invisible ninja cutting onions! QAQ Now I'm crying! Good story anyway :-D You should make more
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More? PLEASE!!!!!!!!
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This is so sad and so beautiful at the same time. Well done!
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*trying not to cry*
*but there is beautiful music playing in the background*

*facedesk and cries*

IT SO BEAUTIFUL! Even when i read ' “My ( Y/N ), I will never, ever forget you, for as long as I live, you will still remain in my heart.”, which sounds like a quote.
Island-Of-Atlantis Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist
This is absolutely Beautiful!
I can't begin to express how gorgeously this has been written, You did a Wonderful job writing this piece :iconsweethugplz:
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He has a crook, but what about the flail? 
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