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China X Reader

Lost Love


~*~*~*~ Intro. 'I want to trace my father, could you suggest a good marker pen?'

As you strolled silently through the beautiful and colourful Chinese gardens, you could smell the earth from the tip of your nose. Wang Yao's garden was beautifully decorated than any other countries garden you had visited. You had visited America's with a fountain, Francis with his over dose of roses, Russia with his bright sun-flowers and England with a whole mix. But Yao's garden, un-regrettably, had to the best of them all.

~*~*~*~ New topic. 'I have recently discovered the pleasures of butter in sex, I smear it on the door knob to stop the kids coming in.'

Instead of just flowers and fountains, China had large ponds scattered around his house as lily pads floated motionless on the water. Rocks atop of each other as gushes of water splattered down onto other boulders and seeped gradually into one of the ponds. Trees and bushes, all shapes and sizes, all colour and style leaned backwards towards where the sun shone through beaming its way through the petty leaves and branches from above. Large stones alighted in a line, leading upwards in the course of Yao's home.  Pagodas and gazebos also positioned dispersed in the maze of wildlife and flora as the snow wooden platform made it easier for others to get from place to place. In Yao's home, they entered by moon gates, which you thought was pretty nonchalant since you didn't have to go into an anxious quest for your keys to your door back at home in (country).
Yao's home was right in front of you, what was stopping? Oh yeah, that's right. It was him.

~*~*~*~ New topic. 'Dear bitch, I have trouble making friends. What are you going to do about it?!'

His gorgeous murky brunette hair tied back into a ponytail, with his dusky jade Chinese martial uniform with a bloodshot armband strapped to his left arm. But, you could recall unintentionally come across him one sunrise while he was changing for his teaching. His body looked slender and an ointment dainty color that looked just faultless on him, but his scar that was slashed midway down his backbone didn't make it look any handsomer. But although his male boobs were fairly hefty in a particular way, that panda-shaped birthmark that you just happened to see above his rear end did make him appear improved in a stimulating way. But unfortunately, he wasn't completely bare that day. This caused you to be doubly distressed. Not once had you noticed him nude before, but your awareness was entirely elated by him and his form. Not because it wasn't normal for you, you did admire and crave him after all.

And there you were now, standing in the figment of imagination while straight ahead stood Wang's mansion.

Figuring out that this day was going to be special since you were going to confess to Yao, you had decided to wear a Qipao. Why might you ask? Only because you were out shopping for something that would suit Yao's tastes and the circumstance that it was Chinese, then to unexpectedly stumble across your flawless clothing which dangled gracefully on a pin wedged in the wall for arrangement. Then only after purchasing the outfit and the proprietor and you exchanging yuans, the old lady then asked you, "?????*, what's the occasion, ???**" And fortunate enough for you , you replied with, "??????***" The main and utmost lie ever, but part of that was correct. You did want to wed him. Scratch that, you desired to be with him for eternity. But with a form like this, you pondered if it would toil on him.

~*~*~*~ New topic. 'I have been saving up for a sex change. I don't care what my wife says, she is going to have it!'

You wore your (colour) Qipao with (pattern) patterns as it fell to your knees with a (colour) fabric knitted in a line at the bottom. The top of your apparel viewed near enough similar to a t-shirt, then it would show chicly sewed to curve to your under arm. You also had on petite snow flats from Primark you brought off the internet, for that inexpensive charge and then some added Chinese extras such as jewellery to your figure, including a Yin necklace.

As you took a single foot off the enormous pebble you were standing on to grasp a new one opposite of you, you heard a noise. But no suspicions there, for you had just believed that classes were over, and the reverberation of pattered feet on the timber plank and minor voices from close by made certain that you were accurate.

Indeed you were.

Taiwan had just exited through one of the arched entrance doors and was making her way somewhere oblivious to where you were heading. She was wearing the exact same sartorial as you except her gown cut down to her ankles and that she was carrying a Chinese parasol made out of paper hung over her shoulder. But you had to admit it, she did look strikingly gorgeous.

But the problem was though, she was wearing the exact same dress as you were.

~*~*~*~ New topic. 'Dear Auntie, my testicles are the size of space hoppers. I don't need any advice, I just wanted to tell someone...'

Not ever had you felt this jealous spite boil up inside of you, and it was all about an acquitted female wearing the matching outfit as you were? Personally, that wasn't you. Never were you malicious or cruel to any of the countries. Yes, particular ones were foolish, frustratingly rash and fairly Russia for example, he just pops up out of nowhere! Anyway...getting back to point, you had always been obedient, sturdy and utilitarian, but now in this space of were remarkably envious.

As her diminutive feet wore miniscule snow plimsolls (not overlooking that they were precisely equivalent to yours) tapped gently against the wooden boards and echoed softly in the vast and vibrant gardens.

You rapidly glimpsed and saw a friend of hers close behind. And would you believe it?

It was Yao.

~*~*~*~ New topic. 'My husband and I are 82, and he has recently lost interest in sex. Thank god!'

There he was, your good-looking Yao, with that horrifying Lin girl was it? Wait a tic, horrifying? What was bustling through your cognizance at that time? You didn't actually know what to reflect about, but Yao...he looked so dazzling at that moment in time.

But, he was wearing Chinese armor.

The armor is predominantly black, as were his shoes, legs guards, and gauntlets. He wore a white shirt and grey pants under the armor, the former of which reached his knees. His armor seemed to have left his elbows and most of his thighs exposed. His jet-black hair was tied back into a topknot like it always was with red cloth and a billowing red cape. Yao had a sword sheath tied to the left side of what seems to be another, grey piece of armor that covered his abdomen.

But, then again, why was he wearing such a strange uniform on a day like this?

~*~*~*~ New topic. 'Dear Deirdre, I have recently become obsessed with a woman and begun stalking her. Look out of the window.'

You saw how his expression altered as he spoke to that Taiwan female, his relaxed and compassionate voice lightly sighing in your earholes as he sauntered distances away from you. As his heavy armor thundered and pounded the dainty wooden slats, you let in a raspy gasp when you saw Lin connect arms with Yao.

You saw just how her unimportant beam transformed into a snigger as Yao smiled dimly, his breathtaking gilded eyes protected and hidden as his dark eyelashes covered them.
Never had you seen him with another girl, not since. You had always been together, just the two of you since you were young. All of those years ago, you could still remember that promise he made you.

~*~*~*~ Flash back. 'My wife says I don't feel anything which is a problem...and there was something else...Oh, yes...I'm on fire.'

As the scorching sun settled under the vast countryside, the smells of blossom still made their way to your miniature nose as the petals of blossoms swished and wavered with the never-ending wind. You gradually closed your small eyes as you fled realism and hid the magnificent creation of God around you over your eyes. Everything was just faultless.
You could still envision the life around you, even with your eyes closed. You could hear the slight tinkling and drops from a nearby fountain just to the east of you, but then you could hear the minor yelps of creatures to the west. You could still picture the dazzling thriving floras unleashed from their buds and sloping in the route of the setting sun. The buzzing from honey bees near to your skull wafted and floated around, pilfering nectar as they left. The texture of the reedy sharp meadow grass wrapped in your tiny hands and fingers, and the taste of new existence springing out in different directions.

Even if you were just a petite 5 year old female, you still had a hint of a wildlife lover in you.

With your orbs still sealed and your countenance appreciating the sun's fiery warmth on you, you took a stretched exhalation and snugged up nearer to the mudan tree you were leaning on.

"Oh, I see you have found my hiding place, aru."

After hearing a familiar voice cry you out of your doze, you sprung up instantaneously and viewed the individual ahead of you.

"A-ah! China! Umm...I-I was...uhhh..."

"It's okay, aru. I'm actually glad you found my hideaway."

Yet again, Yao was wearing armor. His protective clothing was made out of small pieces of tan leather, both woven together by rivets and silk cloth. He held a metallic helmet in one arm, holding it like a ball. The suit itself consisted of many different parts, covering Yao from head to toe, including his foot, and shoulder protection. A slight grin was stretched upon his features.

"Besides, I have something to show you, follow me."

He extended his hand to you by his long arm, his eyes glinted and shimmered a mischievous look as it made you think he had a plot right up his sleeve. You shyly took his hand making his lengthy fingers entwine with your petite ones. He pulled you up gently but just as you started to stand, you went marginally faint and this triggered you to tumble straight into Yao's welcoming arms. His face showed a compassion and guiltlessness, as his tender chuckle just made your heart flutter as a bird.

As you staggered through the thick grasslands, your hands still tangled while your legs trembled every step of the way, Yao led you to a bizarre looking tunnel, veiled behind an outsized shrub.

The tunnel was, essentially, a burrow.

The hole was curved as it touched the unclean ground as it was also uninhabited, as the only sound to be received through it was a calm and soft breeze, coiling and driving dust from the outside of it. At the end, was a small light, which would have been where Yao was scheduling to take you to. But, the good thing was, it wasn't going into the course of the core of the Earth, it was in a well-ordered straight route which didn't go underground at all.

Yao squeezed your little hand soothingly, letting you abscond your views and suspicions about the eccentric tunnel. Yao took one foot inside the small tunnel before turning back to you.

"Come on, aru!"


Disbelieving what Yao was demanding to do, he giggled gently at your adorableness. He lifted his head up meeting your eyes, not before seeing his ravishing raven hair glimmer by the midsummer sun.

"Come on, aru. Trust me, I'll be with you through it, all the way."

Insecure about what Yao was trying to get through to you, he gave you a fragile beam and a tiny nod which made you think gladder than last time. Progressively and prudently, Yao bent his skull down as he snuck inside the muddy tunnel while you still clutched his hand firmly with your own.

The passageway was basically, astonishing. Even though the hole was occupied with nothing but grime and dirt, it had many other articles in it, bizarrely...

The veins that seized the tree and that were concealed underground, the veins wrapped and held the objects keeping them safe and secure. The items were certainly peculiar, you had seen Yao move them around some of the time. They were all different shapes, sizes, shades and styles of texture. You thought they were all stunning and oddly pleasing in their own way. But then, you were out of the tunnel. And would you believe the sight that fell upon you?


Yes, floras and flowers were scattered everywhere, unleashing their influential aromas and incredible shades of color. There was just so many flowers, you had an idea that a rainbow had hit this secret garden. One mudan tree stood in the center of the garden on a stone step, as great large pebbles were arranged all over the place for those to step on. A swing dangled from one of the mudan trees as it rocked softly in the breeze.

You sprinted up the smooth marble steps and bounded onto the swing, laughing as you went. Yao chuckled once again at your delightfulness, as he leisurely made his way to you up the steps.

"So, Aru,"

He swung around the tree, on hand grasped strongly onto the tree and the other colliding with the mild wind. He swung in a full circle, only to meet you; looking down, embarrassed like mad and fiddling with your short fingers.

"Do you like the garden?"

You directly looked up, shocked by his rapid move near you. You could gaze into his gilded eyes all day, they were almost enough to make you sink into a puddle as they gleamed at you. Snapping back to reality and just comprehending that Yao was still waiting for his reply, you responded with a little yelp.

"I-It's beautiful."

Unexpectedly, you were raised up from the swing as two arms clutched your hips delicately. Then you were flipped around to be facing Yao, who was providing you an acquitted smile whereas the sun made his orbs sparkle into yours more strongly. You were abruptly twirling round, your hands holding forcefully to Yao's leather blouse underneath his iron armor. Your legs swayed in the air and whirled in the wind as you began giggling more merrily, causing Yao go faster. Soon you had had enough and Yao placed you down. Yao then squatted down to meet your height before giving you a playful grin.

"Well, aru, what do you think of the mudan tree?"

Gawking upwards to meet the view of flourishing blossom, you couldn't reject the vision no matter what you did. The light rosy petals flowed as smoothly as the wind, the picture of thousands of petals almost looking like a pink ocean.

"It's very beautiful this year."

As you answered, you didn't notice one of the small buds sweeping quietly into palm. Yao carefully picked it up, so prudently that it wouldn't break and positioned it in your (colour) hair.

"The blossoms reach for the sunlight above, yet, unseen, the roots reach for the rainwater below. Sun and rain, so different yet, only by working together do they create harmony and life."

Yao whispered those words lightly into your ear, before pecking it delicately with his icy, bruised lips. The words instantly rung through your mind repeatedly, exactly knowing what Yao was talking about. You began to beam brightly and jump and down excitedly as you knew the answer to his hidden meaning.

"I know! I know! It's the lesson of Yin and Yan, isn't Yao?"
He chuckled again as he reached inside his fleece pocket and brought out two necklaces.

"And, to help you remember that lesson..."

You examined more narrowly to the charms Yao clutched in his hand. There were the symbols of Yin and Yan.

"Yao, you're necklaces..."

"Aru, there were not mine but my great, great grandparent's."

You bowed you head slowly as Yao wrapped the chain around your neckline and sealed it to keep it in place. You observed back at Yao who was grinning at you openly, then to the pendent. You had the Yin sign, Yin meaning: Earth, female, tiger, North, water, winter, and so numerous others as the list was infinite. The sign you were given was silver all round and had a dark splotch in the middle, Yao's was opposite.

"It's so beautiful," you replied, venerated about the special charm Yao had given you chortled, "But it's heavy too!"

Yao chuckled himself, guessing that you loved the present he had given you.

"Well, they are heavy, aru. But to share the burden, we must work and stay together, like the sun and rain."

Your bubbly, content grin dulled as you understood what was going on.

"B-But, you are leaving! That's not staying together! What if you die in the war?"

You shriek at him as you clasped onto his leather top, hiding your head into his steel torso armor and weeping your (color) orbs out.

"W-W-Why? Wh-Why do you...h-have to...leave?"

You heard him breathe out gradually and serenely as you then sensed his fingers coil through your (long/medium/short) (color) hair, his skull then resting on yours as you propped nearer to him to sense and listen to his pounding heart.

"You know why, (name). I have to leave for the war, but don't worry I'll be back soon, aru."

You looked up to his face, never wanting to forget it. You then said, under your breath, the words you wish Yao could have replied to.

'Yao...I love you...'

~*~*~*~ Flashback end. 'I have recently met a woman who makes me feel young again, she's 167.'

Just seeing Yao so pleased, made you feel feeble and isolated inside. He would never do this to you, never, ever. It made you crash inside, it made your heart break in two, it made your blood turn to black lumps; so many describable and abnormal things rushing through your body every second.

Why were you jealous?
I wasn't jealous.

Why did you hate her?
I didn't hate her.

Why did you see him?
Because I loved him.

Why did you love him?
Because it was him.

Yao was the one that made you happy every day. Yao was the one that made you feel alive. Yao was the one who always cheered you up. Yao was the one who made you smile. Yao was the one who was caring and amusing to you. Yao was the one that made your heart beat. Yao was the one that you could keep as friend, lover and treasure, for he was the one you could lock away securely in your heart. But what did you do?

You threw it away...

And ran.

You twisted on your heels and sprinted in the direction of the bloodshot Chinese column entrance, which had detail of gilt colored dragons and lanterns drawn all over it. But in the far distance, you heard a vibrating sound in your ear. The sound of speaking, no, shouting from far away.


Of course, it was Yao.

Not even thinking you sustained running, not even stopping for a rest. You ran straightforward in the direction of the unimportant town, surging and shunting pedestrians out of the way. With tears streaming in your eyes it was almost impossible to see, as you had no idea where you were running to. Yao's calls were faded from the large space between the two of you, his shrieks and cries practically making you need to turn back.

"_______, wait!"

Even demanding to get by these individuals about you in a vast village wasn't truly going to convey that much of success. So, you jumped over one of the fences. Not even caring if citizens started screaming for you to turn back.

"_______, no!  Stop!"

You raced your way into what beheld the path of a shady forest. With the sun setting and the daylight virtually becoming dim, it made the branches from the high trees look like hands that snatched out to take you. Your feet crunched on the crumbling pine cones that plummeted from the trees beside with the selection of; acorns, twigs and leaves all draped over by the soil.

"_______, Don't go! Stop!"

You looked back to see your Yao blubbing, tears flooding down his expression.  You turned to look back, but it was too late...

You fell.


You squawked as you saw the ravine, faraway below you. With your limbs laced up in the atmosphere, your arms struck headlong and your clothing and hair flowing in the wind, you were frightened.

Was this the end?

You stopped your outcry only to comprehend that Yao had gripped your hand, and was now hanging for dear life on a piece of rope.

"_______, hang on!"


You spied that awful glower suppressing in his orbs as he glared at you, he couldn't retain it in for that much longer.

"W-Why...why did you run!?"

You saw his penetrating eyes almost sink in grief as he clutched your hand firmer.

"I...I don't know...I..."

"Don't give me a 'don't know what!' Why did you run away!?"

His speech got brasher and sharper on every syllable he spat out of his mouth.


"What, _____?! What?!"

He let out a harsh huff as the rope instigated to lose its threads, making you drop even lower near the ravine. You had just had around enough of Yao at that instant, and deprived of thinking, you cried at him.

"I thought you were with Taiwan!"

All was soundless for that second in time, as Yao was immobilized and gawked at you straight in the eye. The only sound to be overheard was crows soaring above and squawking away. Yao stammered, astonished that that verdict had fled your mouth.

"B-But, ______, I-I..."

"No! Just listen! I...saw you, with her. You were laughing and chatting happily, you didn't need me for that. I know me and you haven't spoken in the last few years, since you've been fighting at war. But, y-you her...don't you?"

You were just about on the brink of waterworks after saying that, after flinging all your affection for Yao away. He actually loved Lin, you just didn't know. You didn't realize, until now.

"No! I don't-"

"Yes, you do! Don't lie to me!"

The rope's threads were getting solvent now, like they were just waiting for you to fall. And be vanished, missing, forever.

"______! I-I don't love her!"'

"You--You w-what?"

"I don't love her, I love you! I love you!"

You entire form began to tingle, as your dangling legs began to quake. Your scorching blood pumped through your veins fast, making your heart beat upsurge promptly. Those words...the words you had longed to hear in eternity. You dream finally came true.


"Listen, what you saw wasn't what it looked like. I was talking with Lin about how I was going to propose to you, and-"

"W-What? You were going to propose?"

His frightened, impassive expression gradually turned peaceful and devoted. He...was going to marry you? Right here? Right now?

"Yes, yes I was. I have been in love with you for so long, since I met you as a kid in my secret garden. I have always love your personality, smile, everything about you. The reason why I love you, it's because of you. I could search my whole life through and though I'd never find another you. Can you take me away and never let me go back? Can you hold me in your arms and promise everything will be ok? Can you kiss my lips and make all my problems disappear? Can you love me as much as I love you?"

The rope's threads were now flashes away from breaking away from each other, you sweated fast as your heart grew faster and pounded by the minute.  


"______, kiss me."

You followed as you leaned in to graze his moist lips, it was the vision you had been waiting for all from of your existence. His eyes closed slowly, as did yours. You could hear and sense him slightly breathing on your appearance, directing quivers down your backbone. You hand supported on his as you curved your back to lean in, only to hear a snapping sound.

It was the rope.

Your orbs flapped wide open, only to see a terrified Yao in front of you. With your locks streaming ahead of your face and seeing the world conceal around you, you let out a frightened shrieked afraid that all would turn dark.

"_______, I-it's going to be okay!"

"No! No it isn't! We're going to die!"

"_______, if you are going to die, then I will join you. There are only two times that I want to be with you...Now and after death. I love you!"


Without warning, he sets his clammy lips onto yours. Your orbs go extensive in astonishment but then swiftly collapse shut as you begin to plunge deeper into the passionate kiss. You rested your hands on his higher spinal, clutching onto his shirt as you both swirled and fell out of control.

That was your first, and last, kiss with Yao.

And as you fell deeper and disappeared into the shadowy mist, there was a silent thud not long after.

You and Yao may have died, but you died happily in each other's arms.  

Okay, you might need some tissues for this one. I'm sorry it took me so long, I got bored some of the time and decided to be lazy. :sleep: :bleh:


* = Thank you for purchasing,
** = Dear
*** = I'm getting married.
(^ You will probably see these stars after the '???')
I was also going to put this in - {遇見你是命運的安排,成為你的朋友是一個選擇,但誰會愛上你是我無法控制的。。。} Which means = 'Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I cannot control. And it came up with '???' :iconwhywouldyoudothatplz:


:iconcommentplz: :iconfavouriteplz:

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:iconamericawhyplz: :iconwhyyyyyplz: why you kill reader-chan and china??? I am so sad :( this was such a good story though! you actually made me tear up!
hetalialover501 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist sad! *begins to bawl and cry and sniffle from the saddness*
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