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November 28, 2012
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Britain X Reader ~ Juliet's Surprise


*~*~*~*~ Intro. ‘That’s my milk in the fridge, I squeeze it out of my tits with a vice.’

It was a traumatic day, again.

(Name) had been working til day and night to get the work completed for her demanding boss. And at this moment in time, (Name) was shattered.

Her (colour) hair was like a messed-up mane on a lion’s head, and her stunning (colour) orbs had lost their sparkle as they were substituted with dark lines beneath. Her mouth was desiccated as she had virtually lost control of her inhalation and her form as it was trembling and shaking inside and out.  

Each year was similar to this, every single month was comparable to this, all the single days, hours, minutes and seconds, was continuously like this. All the time. And it never stopped.

She had just finished her work, after having spent four extended hours in a workplace that smelt of French cheese.

And what was worse?

It was Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

The day which singletons dreaded and despised upon hearing about, as many observed precious, wedded couples pass by, hand in hand, arm in arm, lip by lip. It was always the same, every time. But even so, some singletons got their wish and had found their loved one on that day.

The (City) streets were alive with love and devotion as every human being was being caressed, cradled, embraced and loved by their devoted ones.

All that was, except for (Name).

~*~*~*~ New topic.’ No, we can’t share the electricity bill. I’ve got a phone charger and a laptop and you’re on a life support machine!’

(Name) had hated Valentine’s day, ever since she was a teenager. She always had her expectations up high that someday, her Prince Charming would come. That he’d send a letter in the mail, telling her how he loved her in every way truly possible.

But, unfortunately, that never happened. Not ever. Even in High school, College and University, no love poems, messages, no kisses and hugs.

It was like she was forbidden to be struck by cupid’s arrow, like a permanent curse.  

After slogging home after a calamitous day at her workplace, (Name) sensed like she required a decent nightly slumber. An exceptionally respectable one to be of fact.
After nestling up acutely into her contented bed, she fantasized about nonentity but on how tomorrow’s story was going to be written for her.

~*~*~*~ Time Skip.’ I’d give you ten minutes in the toilet if I were you, that one could talk!’

One sheep. Two sheep. Three and four. (Name) unceasingly strained to get her forty winks, it took her ages to do so. She was stirring, rotating and rolling everywhere in her divan recurrently, reflecting that in that instant she would drift off and gain admittance to her rest. Although, after four hours of trying that, it was palpable; it didn’t toil.
She twisted her skull drowsily to her timepiece only when she read it, it presented the period of ‘00:31.’

It was ultimate. She couldn’t doze off.  

(Name) crossed her arms over her chest and pouted, thinking in that tiny little brain of her that there must be something to get her to drowse off.

Until it hit her.

That male she set eyes on the other day, one that was not ordinary nor a random folk.

But a true gentleman.

With his blonde locks shining like the summer sun and eyes so green like a gleaming emerald, it was no wonder he was so popular. (Name) saw him yesterday on his own in a café, drinking a mug of brew as he read the daily newspaper, while (Name) was in the floret store purchasing new florae for her urns. But, little did she know that that gentleman had his glowing bottle green eyes on her.  

~*~*~*~ New topic.’ Oh, that? That’s just… a novelty shower gel in the shape of a webcam.’

The man had seen this adolescent before, she was in the world conferences and signified (name of country or city).

Yes, how he knew her very well. But, it was a disgrace but somewhat strange that she didn’t seem to identify him. She had peeped at him a slight few times at the meetings, but since they were so distantly separate and away from one other, they didn’t chat either.

But, this chap knew the following day approaching. And, boy, was he going to surprise her.

~*~*~*~ ‘Well, if you don’t think I’m a nosey bastard, why did you write that in your diary?’

Soon adequate, (Name) was wide-awake once more as the golden sun exceled luminously all over her expression.

But there was an odd odour in the area. One that smelt familiar.


Every single blossom she could have ever supposed of or imagined was right there ahead of her. There were petals dispersed all across the ground, some were positioned in the jugs and several were even dangling off the ceiling. It was like she was in a bloom garden or sanctuary.

But then something caught her eye.

Her preferred (colour) (flower) petals, one that was dissimilar to the others distributed around the room, lead from her bedstead to outside her door and beyond.  

Curious and seeking for adventure, (Name) curiously followed the flower petals til she was outside of her room.

There was flowers, everywhere!

On the photographs, on the side tables and chairs, and even on the windows and beautifications for the household.

How was she going to get her home spotless again?

Still, she voyaged on, as the petals sustained their trail down the staircases. Then, bizarrely, there was a note on the wall. The note was written in neat handwriting which read the words:

‘Go to the island on the counter…’

(Name) raised an eye suspiciously at the three dots at the end of that sentence, but went with it anyway and made her way to island. Only to find another note, which turned out to be a short poem:

Then, a strum of threads from a melodic guitar startled her as she twirled around, only to discover the gentleman she had been fancying about. After an opening introduction, he began to sing.  

♫ Valentine’s Day will soon be here, so I need to rush out and find,
A sweetheart to share that day with me, it’s driving me out of my mind.
Each year I let it slip away, Next year will be time enough,
But next year comes and next year goes, I'm still "I," not "We," and it's rough.
This seeking goes on day after day; I keep looking for attributes fair.
My searching so far hasn’t brought me success, I can’t stop though; I just wouldn’t dare.
Somewhere there must be a sweetheart for me, someone attractive and true.
I hope that today this sweetheart I see...Hey wait! Hello... Is it you?
Would you be willing to try this Valentine thing with me? ♫

(Name) gasped soundlessly after the man sung that song. She certainly knew who it was now, he was her Handsome Prince sweeping her off of her own feet. He was the man who she always glanced at, he was…

Arthur Kirkland.

As she was mesmerized by Arthur’s striking eyes, she didn’t notice something slide gently onto her ear.

But when (Name) did, she could easily distinguish it.

A ginger rose, one which was symbolised as enthusiasm and eagerness and a new beginning.

(Name) then abruptly reddened as she sensed a warm, soft lip gently dash her neckline. Two arms wrapped around her waist as a head lay on her shoulder.

That British accent then whispered the words that (Name) was flabbergasted by.

“Surprise, my sweet Juliet.”

~*~*~*~ End.’ Okay, there’s one certain way to find out who ate my ‘yogurt’, an Aid’s test.’

Yep, here goes another one. This took me about ... 20 minutes to do. This isn't my best piece of work, but I am still happy about it. It has been such a long time since I last updated, I guess life and exams are getting the better of me. =_=

Britain was chosen in this story because (for those of you who didn't know) I made up a poll called ~ 'Last time I did a poll, you voted on your favourite character. {THESE ARE THE FINALISTS! VOTE NOW!}' And the winner was England, so I made this especially for you fluffy romance readers out there.

Enjoy the story~! :iconadorableplz:



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*sniffles* One can only dream that this could happen to them...
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AHHHH! Wonderful! I was too busy fan girling to remember to look for flaws. Haha and flabbergasted….nice word. XD But if I must pick something I guess I would say that I wished there was more interaction with Aurthur, but it was still awesome. Oh, and I don't think I found any grammatical errors…considering….I suck at grammar. ^_^
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*laughs about the new topics* bwahahahahah!!!!!!! tit milk
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