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September 4, 2012
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Angel! Prussia X Human Reader ~ Forbidden Love P4 FINALE

Those words that Gilbert said to you, many long years ago were stapled into your head. Permanently.

'Zadly, yez…but I vill be back zoon. You'll zee.'

Of course, after finding you on the island and having fun with him, he did depart from you on that gloomy bleak day, as he left you in the hands of an old beggar woman. But unfortunately, she died one year after the arrival at your new home.

But your awesome angel never came back for you.

And that was when society found you.

Dragging your feet along the dirty gravel, you were exhausted after your long day's work.

After the old beggar woman had died, you had to take the responsibility of doing something with the cold dead body. You found a straw sack, lifted it over her head, and tied a knot just near where her feet were. You dragged the heavy dead body across town, heading for the graveyard. After you had hauled the figure across town resulting that no one found your problem apprehensive, even though the old woman was not seen by the sack covering her, you had managed to get to the mourning cemetery. After coming across a space and a shovel to dig it up with, you buried the insipid body.

Now dirty, sweaty and tired, you hiked the three miles to your warm small cottage. Only when to get there…

The door was already opened and off its hinges. The windows were smashed and broken.

Inside, everything was mess. All the furniture was tipped over to one side, the duvet of the bed was ripped and torn at along with the pillow, the pans and cutlery in the kitchen were scattered around everywhere and contents from the fridge came pouring out with the milk still dripping and the liquid from the fizzy drinks and orange juice still hadn't sunk into the marbled floor and made a mark as other items of food looked squished and splattered. And as for the fireplace after leaving it to warm up the cottage, it was resembled now to a puff of smoke and burnt wood leaving the house icy and unwelcoming.

You took three steps forward, shakier after every step. You knees bulked slightly as you clung your trembling arms around your chest as you shook from the chillness of the house. Your teeth tinkering hard and your eyes half lidded from sleep, you couldn't stay awake.

Only after thinking of going to sleep, a sack covered you and all you saw was darkness.

That was how society found you and turned them into a dead clone of long exertion and depression. After being trapped inside a cage for another one year, it felt like an austere eternity. But subsequently, that was when Arthur found you, that was when you met your albino angel and that was when you saw that flashback and left. And once again, he never came back.

He had fled from your eyes for another thirteen dreadful years, your heart sinking lower and lower everyday not seeing him. You had made a promise to yourself to not give up and continue waiting for Gilbert, but it looked like you had to give up now. Your mother and Arthur were vexed about you all of those days since Prussia disappeared. All you would do was sit in your room and draw as your mother and father fed you and set you to bed, but as you grew older you would come home, eat and then flee up to your bedroom and sulk over a German angel.

But now, eighteen years old and just starting college it was hard to try and concentrate and dream about your angel while working.

It was mad, with mum and dad thinking you had an abnormal condition and to go see a psychiatrist, with you dreaming about a forgotten angel and your best friend's mother's funeral coming up later this week. Your head was going to explode. With exam finales coming up you were scared that you wouldn't get a good grade, seeing that you were thinking of an albino German throughout the whole of your exam.

"Hey! (name)!"

You turned around in your seat to come face to face with your pal. (friend's name). She was the only individual who was standard enough to catch you and befriend you on the first day of high school, since now you were close friends she decided to join and be with you through collage too.

"Hey, (friend's name)." You commented weakly, ever since you had got your result. Which was ten minutes ago, waiting for you in a envelope. All you could do was sulk because you didn't revise for it and be irritated because you should have done instead of dream of a man with wings.

"So…tell me, what did you get in your results?"

"Ugghhh…I got a…well, I actually haven't seen it yet."

"Well?!" her voice was so high pitched and screechy, it could make a mirror crack. Her hands and arms were waving frantically by her sides as her (friend's colour eyes) looked ready to pop open. She stood on her minor timber chair jumping up and down, her (friend's colours hair) shimmered and glowed by the bright sunlight through the clean windows. As she hopped in the air you could smell her strong scent, a mix of (favourite perfume) and deodorant.

After her fretfulness fit, she finally soothed down and slithered back into her wooden stool and gave you a merry smile as if to tell you that didn't happen.

"Go on then, better now than never to see what you got!"

Even though you wanted to see the expression of your friends face after seeing your results, something told you not to and to run away.

"I-I'm sorry, I…I've got to go."

"Go? (name) I haven't even seen your exam results yet and it is fifteen minutes til work begins!"

"I know, I know, It's just…I…" you stuttered silently to yourself, regretting what you were saying at each syllable that escaped your mouth. Knowing that you couldn't solve this discussion any further, you ran in the direction of your house also ignoring the screams and shouts of your name from your hyperactive and worried friend.
After running down a straight long pavement for two hours, you saw a sight which almost made you heart be stabbed by knifes.

There he was, your angel.

With another girl.

He had a plain expression painted on his face, his pale hands in his blue uniform pants, his ebony eyes glued straight ahead of him and his smiling he wasn't.

You had always seen Gilbert as a fun happy guy after not knowing that much about him from those two days you were together in the past, those days told you he was a loving and kind man who always kept a smile on his face no matter what.

But now, he was walking with a girl you couldn't describe for yourself. And that girl…was you.

It was a ghostly figure of you. Your body was nothing but smoke and mist, your body was colourless as you saw the dress that you wore that day you first met Mr.Prussia. Your faded chibi hands clung onto to arm as you were smiling at him non-stop.

You found him, after all this time.

But you were scared as you stood there looking at the happy couple, you ran.

You had no idea what you were thinking but you sprinted into a deep dark place in the woods. It was damp and soggy, the smell of fresh pine cones trees lifted into the air with a mix of muddy dead weeds lay everywhere on the ground and trees.

You slumped down against the tree, you heart beating rapidly and out of control. You fluttered your eyes shut and let out the heavy air from your lungs trying to catch your breath. You whole body jiggled and shook like you were having an electric shock. You buried your face in your hands as you sobbed quietly, hoping that this was all a dream.

"Vhat iz zomeone who iz awezome az me, doing in a place like thiz?"

Your heart fluttered as you heard the voice you had been longing to hear all those long years ago. You gasped slightly as you gentle lifted your head to meet his eyes.

He was crouching beside you, his stone pastel hands were keeping him steady as one was placed on your knee. His hair was wet and making him come off rather…sexy, his ebony eyes were locked into yours as you search one another's souls. His eyes held the same kindness and care as it did all those years ago. His mouth was slightly open and gasping for air and his wings were curled up beside his shoulders. He was exactly the same as he was before, as he always was.

But trying to keep your cool, you replied to his question.

"O-Oh, n-nothing…"

"Vubbish!  I can tell zomething iz wrong." He stood up gracefully and extended his large snowy hand to help you up. You could tell he still had some of that childlike behaviour left in him.

"No, there is nothing to tell."

You wobbled slighted and grasped his hand tight before Prussia sighed heavily and began rubbing his temples.

"Zou zaven't changed." He gave you a weak smile before his appearance came serious again. "Iz about me, izn't it?"

Surprised by his question, you snapped you hand back and began rubbing it gently while walking away from him slowly.

"Vell? Iz it?"

"Yes, it's about you."

You turned to face him, both of your hands tied together as you took a sharp breath of air and quivered due to the coldness. Your eyes were almost flooding in tears as you stared at your angel. His eyes were not warm as they used to be, they were now cold and emotionless.

"I-I'm scared t-that…you might l-leave again and…n-never come back."

"Zince vhen did I leave?"

What was he saying? Of course he left! You never saw him again until today! After those thirteen long years!

"Since when did you leave? Well, let's jog your memory for ya. Thirteen years ago, and you never came back! Never ever! I was so worried! I thought that you were never going to come back, and I was afraid…"

"(name)...I, I vad to leave. To protect vou."

"Well, you didn't do a good job at it! I was captured and tormented by society a year after you dropped me off at that old ladies house! She died! And I was alone again! You-You never came back to me!"

"Okay, I'm zorry that happened. But, I am afraid that I vill have to leave again zoon."

"I knew it!"


"I knew it! I knew it!"

What might have been a joyful conversation had now into a corrupt friendship problem matter, as you walked up and down and stuck you finger at him while he stood there, confusion and offended.  

"I so knew you were going to leave! That's what you always did! Is it something about me? Did I do something wrong? Do you know what? Forget it! If you just wanted to leave me all your life because you were unhappy why didn't you just leave and never come back!?"

"Zhat is unawezome and uncalled for! Zou know I vould never do vhat to my awezome friend!"

"Oh yeah, you just reminded me of something…Remember the time when you didn't use the word 'awesome'! I mean, what is with that?!"

You had totally got him there. That was his favourite word, that was what he called himself and that was why you hated it.

"It iz awezome and vou know it! (name), quit being unawezome right now. Vou're freaking the awezome me out!"

"Freaking you out? Oh, I'm sorry…how about…No! Your freaking me out! If you are going to keep on with this disappearing trick of yours why don't you just leave! Go back to your unawesome country where you belong! I'm sure you'll meet some nice angels there which you'd be able to hit on instead of me!"

You just about on the bridge of exploding, you were backing up slowly as you hit one of the wet pine trees, one of your fingers heading straight in an invisible line. He stood there out of breath, his blood eyes full of sadness and pale figure shaking. You had never seen Prussia in this state and to be quite honest, it terrified you mentally. He began slowly walking towards you with you not even knowing it, your arm, hand and figure still pointing in his direction.

"(name), I mean it. Ztop now."

"No! No! I mean, you honestly must love someone else! It's no wonder you have been away from me for so long! Why don't you go back to your girlfriend or wife and see how I care? Okay! At least you get to be with her instead of some stupid, ugly, un-awesome human like me."

He got closer and closer to you by the minute. But after you had said those words, he stopped and stared at you. His beautiful ebony eyes showed hurt and sadness, like you had ripped out a part of his heart that he treasured. He was now so close to you, you couldn't move. With your back against the pine tree and both of his cold hands on your shoulders and his eyes staring straight into yours, you felt trapped again.

"(name), vhat are you-"

He couldn't complete his sentence due to you still rambling on about him.

"I mean like, your wife, girlfriend, is an angel and so are you!  You get a happily ever after! I don't! I never been happy, ever! But those days when you were here…those felt like happily ever after's. But now, since I have grown up and not into silly fairy tales anymore, I don't believe in that! I mean, that's just great isn't it! At least if I did love you, our love would still be forbid-"

Before you could even continue, he had claimed your lips. But, you were quite surprised at his behavior also as he kissed you. His icy hands were held tightly to your hips, as he was pressing your body close to his. His lips were delicate and had a velvety feel to them but yet his lips were demanding, his tongue keen to control yours. His taste was rather extraordinary as the taste changed every two minutes, it was first a warm honey and cream flavored then it moved on to a strawberry ice cream taste. It was like there was a fridge of desserts in his mouth. His cold hand then slid underneath your (insert top clothing piece) to caress the low part of your back, his icy thumb chafing in a comforting arrangement there. The tender dashes of his touch were in such sharp contrast to the jagged grazes he granted upon you, but they weren't unwanted by you of course.

"Gilbert..." You moaned, roughly pushing at his emotionless formed torso feebly. His angel like kisses were very intoxicating and intriguing, all beautiful in every way, but you were still stunned about the move he just made on you, and also the suffocation for the lack of air.

"Ja?" He spoke against the crook of your neck, caressing it with his supple lips irregularly. "Vhat iz it?" He gnawed mildly at your sensitive spot, triggering you to gasp and briefly remember your uncertainties.

You escaped his powerful and deprived kisses on your neckline as you draped your arms around his sturdy body, making you shiver from his frostiness as you buried your head into his neck, breathing in a ghastly odour of gun powder, grime and ash. He position his shivery blue-clad arms around you, lugging you into an embrace, not appallingly tight, but not wobbly, it was exactly the right level to make you equally relaxed. You slithered your arms down to his chest, then using one hand to touch his glossy snowy hair and beam up at him as you cried lightly. He chuckled faintly as he stroked your cheek with his icy hand, making you shiver with delight.

"Quit being unawezome azz and lizten. Even if our love is awezomely forbidden, we vill ztill love each other and I vill do anything to protect vou zurely vou know that. But I vill give everything up to protect and love vou forever juzt like I have. I know it iz zaid in the prophecy that humanz and angelz are never supposed to be together, but I won't care. All I care about iz vou."


You held him strongly as you inhaled his aroma, as tears streamed down your eyes as you pleaded to stay in his arms forever. He gave a gentle chuckle.

"Just call the awezome me Gilbert, stupid."

You giggled slightly as you stayed in each other's arms that entire night, not leaving each another's sights for a second.

'Even if…our love is forbidden…

I vill protect….

And love vou…

Forever and alwayz….

For all eternity…

WARNING. Some sexual themes, I have no idea if it counts or not but if it does I will take it off.

It's not much. Just long and FINALLY FINISHED. CBA to add characters and chapters. Find them on my deviantart. x
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Me: *Crying* Too beautiful
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good job. this series is well written. a few things i'd like to point out though; within a german accent, th turned to z and w to v, not much more otherways.
but as i said, ths is well written, the whole series keeping me buisy for 30 minuites and 2 sandwitches.(note: this compliment is rather high on the scale what i comment. thou hast been applauded.)
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thats fine. i honestly don't care, not to be rude.
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Actually, you're somewhat right. The stereotype is only around because in German, the letter w make a v sound.
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