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August 24, 2012
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Angel! Prussia X Human Reader ~ Forbidden Love P3

~Flash Back~

"Mr. Prussia? Where have you gone?"

It was the middle of summer, the time when you could escape reality and just breathe in the beautiful scents of tropical fruits, salty water and fresh flowers. You were besides the seaside, running through the plains of blossoms and green grass. You had just have happened to lost your albino friend once again as he kept flying off in search of adventure, and for the search of a special rock he was planning on giving you.

You trudge through the grassland, fed up that your best-friend is always leaving you in search of something incredibly 'awesome.' You had to lift/pull your (insert colour) (insert type of dress or clothing.) up due to the muddy grounds you were on.

"Mr. Prussia! Where did you go?"

You grumbled under your breath before continuing to stamp your way through the slimy mud, making your 3 year old sized feet be covered in a brown blanket of muck.

You finally found him. Leaning up against a tree, his hand gracefully held a red polished apple. He was all the way out here, on a lost island he had found you on 3 hours earlier to look for a glossy pebble for you, but he had a ripe pink apple. You were outraged.

"Mr. Prussia! You promised me a shiny rock! Not an apple!"

He was exactly the way he was in your bedroom; exactly the same age, he still had the glow and his grin was still stamped onto his expression. His eyes glowed as they darted straight back to your (colour) ones.

"I'm zorry, I zhought you vere hungry. Are you?"

"Yes! I am starving!"

He chuckled, flashing some of his diamond sparkle teeth which almost made you blind. You skipped merrily up the tall angel as he scooped you up into his arms and gave you the apple. You began marching into some unknown direction as you were to distracted by the angel now smiling at you.

"Aren't you hungry, Mr.Prussia?"

"Nein, I zon't eat."

"Say what? You don't eat? What are you?"

"I am Pruzzia, the awezome ungel. The ungel who iz too awezome to eat or drink."

"Okay, Mr.Awesome."

"Danke, vhat now?"  

"Are you going to leave me?"

He stopped dead in his tracks and stared straight into your eyes. His face held no longer the happy grin you had seen on him, he looked dead serious.

"Vhy? Vhy vould you zay that?"

"I-I just-"

"Aww! _____! You mein awezome clothes covered in mud!"

"Oh no! I'm so sorry!"

He then chuckled and laughed at you. You smack his head repeatedly in your furious fit. He tried to push you away with his icy hands, but it was impossible. You were all over him. You wrapped your legs around his neck as you sat upon his broad shoulders.

"So? Are you going to leave Mr.Prussia?"

"Zadly, yez…but I vill be back zoon. You'll zee."


You slid back down into his strong arms as he gave you a warm smile.

"I awezomely promize."

You giggle inside and your tummy grew big butterflies as he rubbed his cold nose gently against yours and kissed it. You beamed brightly at your alibino guardian angel as he continued his trek for the shiny stone. You both soon found a lake with sparkling azure water surrounded by (insert favourite flower), your favourite flower. The whole piece of land looked like magic, the trees were bending in towards the river, there were fireflies hovering around everywhere and a rabbit had been sighted by the two of you as he immediately retreated back to his home in the hole. You face was lit up in amazement as you had never seen anything more beautiful that this before.

"Do you like it?"

You turned to your adult angelic before facing back to the sight that was before you.

"I-It's so pretty!"

"The awezome me knew you vould like it. Oh, und another thing."


You turned to face the cold paled man.

"You can call me Gilbert, not Mr.Pruzzia."

"Why not Mr.Prussia?"

"Vell, it's juzt not awezome enough."

"Oh, okay then!"

You both looked back at the enchanted scenery, both of your eyes sparkling with awe and wonder and only because the fireflies glowed and lit up both your eyes.

"Unnnddd….dive in!"


But it was too late, for the albino man had been hiding his mischievous grin from you as he had planned to chuck you in the water, his plan worked without promise. You swam back up to surface gasping for air as the alibino crouched down and chuckled at you with a dark playful grin.

"Hey! What was that for?!"

"You're feet vere dirty."

"Yeah? So what! I don't care!"

"Vell I am afraid that I do, for I do not carry little Mädchen's vho are covered in mud."

You stuck your tongue out at the alibino man as he continued to mock you.

"Oh yeah? Take this!"

You splashed some water at him making him fall back, with wet clothes and wet hair. You giggled mischievously as your little plan worked like a charm. He glanced back at you, his face and body hold a very 'sexy' and 'dripping' look. He threw some water back at you as you two began to battle and fight in the water. He then picked you up in his arms and flew you around in the pond. As your hands gripped tightly to his strong shoulders and arms as his cold hands lay on your waist letting your feet dangle in the wind. He then stopped swinging you around as he grabbed you into a warm embrace.   


"Gilbert…you are like one awesome big brother!"

"Big bruder?"

His face fell as he gazed into your bright (colour) eyes.

"Yeah! Totally! You are my big brother and me being your cute little sister, right?"

"J-Ja, Ja. I totally agree vith you my awezome little zizter."

"Ha! I'm glad."

"Me too, _____. Me too." He whispered into your neck, then began to kiss it softly as he cradled you in his arms. You couldn't help but giggle as he kissed your warm skin with his frosty mouth. He loved to hear you giggle, how it made him smile and brighten up his day. He then whispered.

"Zhould ve continue zearch for the zecret rock of thiz forbidden izland?"

"Ha! Ha! You sound like a pirate, Gilly!"

"Vell, to tell you the truth…I vas one a long time ago…"

"Really? How cool! Well, okay then Captain Gilbert. Let's go in search of the treasure!"

"Aye! Let'z go!"

~Flash Back End~
To readers who read my series. (For those who could be 'actually' be bothered to read it.) I am still continuing, don't worry, don't panic. :iconenglandwtfplz:

I just thought I could make a short story on Prussia, (My third favourite character. DEAD SEXY. Why didn't I pick him first!?) :iconcrycryplz:

This 4/5 so here's the Part 1. Long, but I don't care. x


Prologue: [link]

Part 1: [link]

Part 2: [link]

Part 3: ~ Here

Part 4:
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Awww, Gil's brother-zoned yet this is so sweet!
kittygirl1351883 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
aw i can pitcuer this as a moment between Luxenmboug and prussia aw that would be so cute and litke she is at the lake the year after she lost him aw i'm crying ... a moment please
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That is so sweet...:iconcryforeverplz:
vienna-kangaroo Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012  Student Writer
Wow, this is just lovely! I love how you've written Prussia, and seeing the way he responds to a small child~ He's such a lovely big bruder. <3 Nicely written!
TomatoFairyGodmother Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012  Student General Artist
Thanks for your lovely comment! Have you read the last one? It's the best I've written so far and also IcelandXReader too. ^^
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You're very welcome! Yep, I just read it, and it's amazing! Seriously, how do you write so well? XD So steamy, and yet so incredibly awesome~
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Thanks for the lovely comments! But, I have one last favour to ask you. Could you comment on Part 4 and of IcelandXReader? Pretty please? Thanks! xxx :heart:
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You're very welcome! Yes, I'll try and get around to them. :) I hope I can help you out.

No problem! :heart:
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