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August 22, 2012
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Angel! Prussia X Human Reader ~ Forbidden Love P2

"_________! Time for bed!"

"Okay, just a minute!"

It was your first week in your new house, with your new family. Arthur was over the moon and jolly that he had finally found the kid that he'd been looking for and his wife didn't really mind what name you had at all, she would love it anyway. You were just finishing your drawings, you had a love for art. You found your blue-tack hidden away in your draw of mysterious and wonders (or in other words, just boxes of items you treasured and equipment for your art.) You skipped happily around your room and found a space on your wall to stick it up. But a voice nearly jumped you out of your skin, and the voice was not your mum and dad's.

"Kesesesese! That iz one awezome bild!

You turned around and gasped in amazement and shock that overtook your whole body. You felt your knees grow weak, your blood become colder and that your whole body, including your eyes were shaking. He was just so handsome!

Tall, snow skinned with silver hair slicked to one side and his amazing plasma eyes. He was leaning on the wall on your balcony, one leg crossed over the other, one of his elbows leaning on the wall above the balcony, him peering in and him now looking straight at you. His bloodshot eyes piercing into your (colour) eyes as his smile held a grin showing sparkling white teeth that looked brighter than a star…come to think of it…his whole body…was…glowing…

His whole aura was a glowing white. You saw sparkles of glitter shimmer around his entire body, no place on his body was un-touched, it was everywhere. It wasn't that bright that it would blind your eyes, but you could make out his whole attire.

It was a WWI uniform that was a blue uniform jacket, with matching pants. Underneath his jacket the man wore a black shirt and tie with an iron cross charm necklace atop. You could almost make out a word on the cuff of his right sleeve…Preussen…did it say?

But there was one thing you had only noticed up until now, he had beautiful, angelic, creamy, snow wings. You were so freaked out at the man you screamed.

Surprised by your sudden action, he jumped down from the balcony and in a flash of seconds he wrapped his strong, yet smooth arms around your small 5 year old form. You felt a soft touch sooth your back as you gasped and giggle to find feathers formed into a leave shaped wing behind you.

You turned towards the door to hear the voice of your scared mother shouting from downstairs.

"What was that dearie? Are you alright? Did you have a nightmare?"

You shivered against the angel's cold skin, as it felt as cold as an iceberg. You had your eyes squeezed shut with your hands above them in fear, but feeling his large cold hand caress your chubby (come on you are 5? What did you expect?) rosy cheek. You felt his cold blood just sweep through that one patch of your hot skin.

"Zorry, I zidn't mean to alarm you. Und I promize I von't hurt you." His red beautiful eyes shone the same kindness and care just like Arthur's. But instead of them leading you into a field, it was a red satin bed which was sprinkled with red roses and tulips. It was something you had never seen before in this man's eyes, but deciding that the only way to make him happy and your parents no nervous was to trust this angel-like man.

"______, darling? What's going on up there?"

You shivered due to your arms being to shiver against the angels cold skin. You managed to speak, even if your body was beginning to freeze up into an ice lollie.

"Ummm…nothing! I just…err…found a spider! Yes, a big spider under my bed! No worries! It's gone now!"

There was a short pause.

"Well, if you say so darling. But I want you in bed now, it way past your bed-time!"


Your face resembled a bold plum as the color of your face turned into a fuchsia pink. You then turned to the man in front of you and waited for his reaction. He did a cheeky wink and flashed a few of his sparkling teeth before holding his thumb up to you.

"Zat waz awezome, but not az awezome az me." His breath shivered up your neck in one cold breeze, as your eyes vision faded and became nothing but a pitch black world.




"Zey, you're awake. Kesesesese! Zhank god, I zhought you vad gone bonkerz or zomethin'!"

You slowly awake from your freezing knock out, to find yourself in your comfy, soft bed.

You could feel the man's cold bare hands begin to weave through your clean (coloured) hair, as his cold touch tingled on your skin. With your eyes still shut, you began to speak to the weird species man.

"W-Why are you…s-so cold?"

"Vell, I guezz I um juzt cold blooded or zomething...I don't know, Iz juzt zomething the awezome me haz…"

"W-Why, no…w-what…are you?"

You could hear a confusion in his voice as he gasped. He suddenly bursted out laughing.

You sat up in your bed and rubbed your eyes open to see the man on the edge of your bed clinging his gorgeous eyes shut in a laughing mercy.

"Wha-What is so funny?"     

"Kesesesese! Z-Zou, don't vemember the awezome me?"

You look the man up and down, as his stunning red eyes came to see yours again. His wings were folded behind his back, and what might have been his happy face had now turned…serious.

"I…No, I'm sorry. I have never seen you before in my life."

"Oh, come on! Zurely you vuzt have zeen the awezome me!"

"I haven't."

His face looked so desperate for you to say yes, it looked like his eyes were going to drown in tears.

"Okay, Okay…you vust vemember…vlease try and vemember."


His head clamped to yours as your inner sight went white.
To readers who read my series. (For those who could be 'actually' be bothered to read it.) I am still continuing, don't worry, don't panic. :iconenglandwtfplz:

I just thought I could make a short story on Prussia, (My third favourite character. DEAD SEXY. Why didn't I pick him first!?) :iconcrycryplz:

This 3/5 so here's the Part 2. Short and boring, but I don't care. x


Prologue: [link]

Part 1: [link]

Part 2: ~Here

Part 3:

Part 4:
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