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August 22, 2012
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Angel! Prussia X Human Reader ~ Forbidden Love P1

~Flash Back~

You were all alone…you had no one to talk to. No one your age.

You never had any friends, to them they all saw you as an abnormal child. You believed in fairy-tales and old myths and things that were not believed by others. You had always been a strange and difficult child and that teachers just didn't understand you. No matter how hard you tried, no matter how hard you would try and feel confident. Reality always brought you down.

You had always lived in society, a place which they try and make you an 'actual' human when really you were destroying yourself inside and out. You were never allowed to do anything you wanted to do. But you would always imagine and dream of ideas that strung up in your head, you wished to be a storyteller, or a writer and write a story so incredibly amazing and detailed that the whole world would want to read it. Or, you just wanted to fall into one of your fairy-tales and be that character and try and re-write the story to have a better ending. But for society, they didn't appreciate it. Two whip lashes for daydreaming in lessons, five for writing something absurd and ten for reading and gathering others to tell them your stories. You hated it, a living, rotting jail filled with half-hearted adults who had the greed to steal your desires and dreams.

Luckily, Arthur had found you in the nick of time.

You were getting slashed twenty times on the back for answering back one of the high lords of society.

Meanwhile, Arthur was browsing the selection for a child. They had wanted to make one themselves, but something inside of their bodies was refusing to co-operate. So they had both decided to adopt, a girl.

The ancient society keepers marched down the dark, thin hall as their metal boots thumped and cracked the hallway floor.

"As you can see…"

One of society opened a door to reveal a class of teenage students, writing neatly yet fast due to the time it had to be finished by. The students looked, pale, dirty and broken inside. They had all wished for freedom, love and healthiness, as they looked down in the depths of sadness and loss. The teacher, proud and tall, marched back and forth along the class room with a cane held firmly in his hands behind his back. He had a sharp, long face with large grey eyes which managed to sneer at you when you were looking at him. All the students were shivering and shuddering, trying to avoid the punishment held closely in his hands.  

"They are all very boring, and unacceptable for you…shall we carry on?" society asked in a monotone speech, he lurked back at the students as he mumbled quietly and continued down the corridor.

Arthur looked back to society then back to the 'death-looking' pupils. 'They must be hungry, thirsty and pleading for an adventure, food, water and freedom...I wish I could do something about it…but being a mere villager without any power to control this world, I highly doubt I would win any debates or strikes.'

One of the students, a boy, had noticed Arthur looking around the small, grimy class room.

The boy looked near enough the teenage age, with his chocolate shaggy hair and his shady cream eyes. Arthur gave a the boy a nod, before grinning sadly and trying not to show it.

The boy stared, but gave him a weak smile as the smile he had given him had made his eyes sparkle.


A whip collided hard at the wooden desk the boy was at, as the boy's happy face then turned white in fear. As the classroom door slammed shut in Arthur's face all on its own, Arthur looked terrified and scared out of his skin. He hated how these children were treated, and how he had to suffer the same penalty as they did when he was young. The rules had to change, they had to change for the better.

Arthur continued following the dark society person. He was nothing like you would have expected.

Instead of wearing a formal suit, he wore a black cape that was wrapped firmly around his neck along with a full black suit.

'This is some shadowy and mysterious prison they keep kids…how could they live like this?' Arthur thought when suddenly his body froze as he heard a noise of faint screaming.

It was a girl screaming.

He had had enough, he was going to deal with this deplorable behaviour they had on the children. Even if he was a simple inhabitant, he wasn't going to just stand there and follow orders.

He charged down the hall, his black uniform shoes clomped and stamped their way to find the core of the noise.

And there…he found you.

You were stretched out on a table lying on your chest, scars which still bled sunk their way to desks of wooden tables. Your (colour) eyes, all red and puffy and drowning with tear drops. Your (colour) hair was over the top of your head as it looked like a flame.

Your hands and ankles were all tied up in a rough material which couldn't make you escape. Your t-shirt was ripped and torn, laying on the floor. The teacher was whipping a 5 year old girl.

"Stop this nonsense at once!"

A voice bellowed into your ears, he was telling them…to stop?

You weakly lifted up your head and turned towards the door, there a man stood. His emerald eyes pierced into yours with an almost impatient appearance to them. He had stand-out ebony eyebrows that adorned his mantle in mild difference to his cool golden hair. He wore a casual lime jacket which harmonized his pea green eyes, along with his shady azure trousers and dusky shoes.

He gave you a sweet sympathetic smile, before turning back to the teacher. The teacher was just exactly the same as the one you saw last time but it was the opposite gender.

"Society says to hurt this girl, she has disobeyed us. Society says yes to hurt those who disobey."

"I will not stand for this senseless actions towards this girl! Unhand her!"

"I don't think that will be wise, but since you are looking for an orphan to adopt, take this disgusting one. She's been causing us trouble all the time…"
The dark society peaked out behind Arthur as if playing peek-a-boo.

'I know that dark cloaked figure, he is a dark creature from the depths of the underworld…here to take children's lives away…to make them suffer…and be automatically commanded like robots…or puppets on a string. Oh! We have to do something against this beastly monster! Fight him eyebrow man! Punch him! Punch him!' You thought demandingly.

"Thank you, very much society…I will take great care of her."

Arthur had the most softest touch to his voice but at the end of his speeches, it was a bit hard and raspy. He gave you a gentle smile. 'Once I have saved you, I will save all the others…and let them have their freedom.' Arthur thought caringly.

All the cloaked figures had left the tiny damp room, just leaving you and the bold eyebrow man. He walked towards you slowly, the hump of his shoes tapping and clicking on the stone floor. You shivered gently due to the coldness of the room, the punishment you had just witnessed and even though the man did save your life, you were scared of what he was going to do next. You clamped your eyes shut, making them move uncontrollably.

You hear the man's knees click from underneath you as you felt him stroke strands of your dirty (colour) hair.

"Don't worry, I am not going to hurt you little one."

You opened your eyes slowly to meet sparkling emerald eye ones, they held so much innocence and softness to them…it made you almost fall into them as the green colour of his eyes could cast you away into a thick field of grass under a clear blue sky. After returning to the real world some seconds later, your unhappy sick smile curved at the ends and began to rise up into a bright beam. You had never felt this happy, never ever would you expect someone setting you free.

But his face looked from happy to shock as he saw tiny drops of light sadness fall from your dusty eyes, he wiped them away with his thumb quickly without hesitation and then glided you into his arms for a tight hug.

You could feel his chest fall up and down as he began to speak again. "I promise…I promise you, I won't let anyone hurt you…yes?"

A small quiver escaped your lips. "Y-yes, sir."

"No! No, no, no…you can call me Arthur. Or…you might possibly call me…dad…if you ever had one, I mean it would be extremely rude if-"

"No! It's perfect!"

He was cut off by you, griping onto his jacket in happiness. More tears of joy escape from your eyes.

"I-It's perfect! I always wanted a father! I now I have one!"

"Well young one, what is your name?"


"________? Hmmm…that's such a pretty name. I'm afraid my wife has already picked a name for you…"

"W-What? What is it?"

"(Insert a horrible name which you hate.). I'm not really that sure of it though, but-"

"Ewww! That's a horrible name! So unawesome!"

The man was surprised that such a voice and personality could come out of a 5 year old girl, Arthur thought she had such a high cheerful spirit she could possibly be the one for him. The one that could make him smile. But yet, he was also surprised of the words that were firing out of her mouth too.

Arthur began to rub his sweaty head, after what he had been through it was some headache to him. "Un-awesome? I've never heard of that word before…"
You pulled a face. "Are you kidding me? It's an awesome word!" You began to giggle, and then chuckle and then laugh. A little voice was flying right inside your mouth and soaring out, Arthur face was one which you could almost cry looking at. It was a smile of love and devotion.

"So then, ______. Since you have left me no choice but to give you that name…"

You began jumping up and down like a hyperactive child on the desks as you dreamed of flying high with every jump and that the hard wooden surface you were stepping on every time was thick elastic from a trampoline. Screaming and whooping around like a clown juggling balls, you were on top of the world.

But Arthur brought you down.

"…But _______, you have to promise me one thing, okay? Just one thing, can you do that?"


Your childish clean smile turned back to the way it was just ten minutes ago, as the information that Arthur told you stuck to your heart like a fridge magnet.

"Whatever you do ________. Don't cry. I love seeing your happy cheerful face like I have just seen now, but don't try and frown and cry about incidents about the past…because it's the past. We can't rewrite it. You have to look ahead to the future, find your happiness and dreams in time before the darkness closes in on you. Be strong, be brave and whatever you do…don't cry, no matter what happens."

…Don't cry…

…No matter…

…What happens…
To readers who read my series. (For those who could be 'actually' be bothered to read it.) I am still continuing, don't worry, don't panic. :iconenglandwtfplz:

I just thought I could make a short story on Prussia, (My third favourite character. DEAD SEXY. Why didn't I pick him first!?) :iconcrycryplz:

This 2/5 so here's the Part 1. Long, but I don't care. x


Prologue: [link]

Part 1: ~ Here

Part 2: [link]

Part 3:

Part 4:
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"One of society opened a door to reveal a class of teenage students, writing neatly yet fast due to the time it had to be finished by. The students looked, pale, dirty and broken inside. They had all wished for freedom, love and healthiness, as they looked down in the depths of sadness and loss." - me at school
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…Don't cry…

…No matter…

…What happens…

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It was said when Silver and Shadow go back in time in Sonic Unleashed to seal The Iblis in Princes Elise III and Mephiles The Dark in Scepter of Darkness. The duke tells her to "be brave, don't cry, no matter what happens." Before he dies. (I understand this is a late reply but in case you hadn't remembered I would like to tell you in an act of kindness ^-^)
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